When you nominate your local family business we will send them a free invitation to enter this years 2023 Family Business Awards.

We invite you to participate in celebrating the thriving family business community in Ireland. The Irish Family Business Awards, with its diverse categories and esteemed judging panel, aims to honor exceptional local family-run enterprises. We encourage you to nominate your favorite businesses and share why they deserve recognition.

Recognizing Excellence in Family Businesses
At the Irish Family Business Awards, we firmly believe that family-run businesses play a vital role in the economic and social fabric of Ireland. These enterprises embody values such as resilience, innovation, and a strong commitment to their communities. We have carefully curated multiple categories to ensure a fair and comprehensive recognition of family businesses across various industries. You can find the complete list of categories and their specific criteria on our website: Categories

We rely on your input and firsthand experiences to identify the most deserving family businesses. We encourage you to nominate businesses that have impressed you with their exceptional products, services, customer care, and commitment to family values.When nominating a family business, it is crucial to provide a heartfelt testimonial explaining why you believe they should be recognized. Share specific examples of their impact, outstanding qualities, and the positive influence they have had on their employees, customers, and local community.

Our Esteemed Judging Panel
To ensure a fair evaluation process, we have assembled an esteemed panel of experts from various fields, including business, entrepreneurship, and academia. Their extensive knowledge and experience will guide the selection of winners in each category.

Your active participation in nominating exceptional family-run businesses will contribute to a vibrant celebration of Irish entrepreneurship. Together, let’s recognize and support the local gems that embody the spirit of family values, innovation, and community impact. Visit our website and nominate your favorite businesses for the Irish Family Business Awards today!Nominate now: [Insert