The 2023 Family Business Awards are now open for entries!

These awards recognise outstanding Irish Family Businesses throughout Ireland, will you enter yours?

What is a Family Business? As the name suggests, is a business that is actively owned, operated, or managed by two or more members of the single-family. Here, members may be related by blood, marriage, or adoption where that single-family owns majority percentage of ownership.

Recognizing Excellence in Family Businesses
At the Irish Family Business Awards, we firmly believe that family-run businesses play a vital role in the economic and social fabric of Ireland. These enterprises embody values such as resilience, innovation, and a strong commitment to their communities. We have carefully curated multiple categories to ensure a fair and comprehensive recognition of family businesses across various industries.

Enter and join us on Friday 3rd November to celebrate in the Mansion House, Dublin

How to Enter : Click here to see the 26 categories, you can enter as many as you like

Cost to Enter: Completely Free

Deadline to Enter: Friday 1st September 2023

Our Esteemed Judging Panel
To ensure a fair evaluation process, we have assembled an esteemed panel of experts from various fields, including business, entrepreneurship, and academia. Their extensive knowledge and experience will guide the selection of winners in each category.

Your active participation in nominating exceptional family-run businesses will contribute to a vibrant celebration of Irish entrepreneurship. Together, let’s recognize and support the local gems that embody the spirit of family values, innovation, and community impact. Visit our website and nominate your favorite businesses for the Irish Family Business Awards today!Nominate now: [Insert